A few good technical reasons why Shopify Plus is one of the best enterprise eCommerce platforms today

A few good technical reasons why Shopify Plus is one of the best enterprise eCommerce platforms today

When organizations are looking for enterprise eCommerce platforms, they are analyzing many aspects of their features and properties. Of course, one of these things is the technical side of building and running an eCommerce website. This is one of the strongest features of Shopify Plus which is why this eCommerce platform is getting so popular among enterprises.

Shopify Plus is used by some of the largest online stores in the world. This is just one of the things that can confirm the professionalism of this platform. Experienced merchants know that as the store grows, they have to take care of additional things that they have never thought about before. So, what makes Shopify Plus one of the best solutions for enterprise eCommerce users?

For starters, Shopify Plus lets users build online stores that can manage unlimited transactions. In theory, you can process 600 transactions per second. If these numbers don’t mean much to you, we should point out that this makes Shopify Plus better than most platforms of this kind. Shopify Plus comes with a structure that makes it useful for Fortune 500 companies. In other words, clients that are using Shopify Plus-powered sites are experiencing smooth shopping activities.

Furthermore, Shopify Plus is handling all the bug solutions and tech updates for users. In this way, users are able to save money and time. There is no need to hire an IT person or create a separate department for this purpose. In other words, the level of scalability is high. It’s much easier to expand and grow your store with a platform like this.

The list of technical benefits relates to the use of Shopify Plus continues with the uptime. Shopify Plus is offering plans that guarantee 99.97% uptime. That’s almost 100% uptime. In theory, your online store will always be open and you won’t miss any potential or regular customers no matter when they want to visit your website. Technical issues should not affect your business results.

Finally, we should mention that Shopify Plus is a fully hosted solution. This is a SAAS option – software as a service. To put it in simple words, Shopify Plus delivers the software solution you require to manage your online store and it helps you manage it automatically. At the same time, your store will be hosted on Level 1 PCI DSS compliant servers for maximum security.

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