The Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms in 2018

The Best Enterprise eCommerce Platforms in 2018

As a result of the growth of the eCommerce industry, the number of enterprise eCommerce platforms is on the rise too. But, even the ones that are well-established are not left with the same old features. The best enterprise eCommerce platforms are constantly updated and upgraded. With so many platforms out there, it can be quite complicated for some individuals and organizations to find the right one for them. If you are in a situation like this, our advice is to check out this list of a few reputable enterprise eCommerce platforms.

SAP Hybris

Toys R Us, Audio, and Vodafone are some of the businesses that rely on SAP Hybris when it comes to their eCommerce operations. This is a unique solution which supports mobile commerce and offers an excellent level of scalability. SAP Hybris can help you manage your business operations on a few channels at once and helps users handle order management and content management too. The only downside with SAP Hybris is the costly and slow implementations.


SPHERE.IO is a product designed and developed by commercetools. This enterprise eCommerce platform was created to deliver a wide array of eCommerce functionalities to users. For instance, this platform relies on APIs which makes it extra flexible and an excellent option for trendy eCommerce techniques. In addition, with the help of this platform, you can expect seamless integration with your CMS, ERP and/or CRM solution. On top of that, you will also integrate their apps. Thanks to the ElasticSearch and NoSQL features, this platform delivers fast and precise search results. This is absolutely great especially for businesses that have many products and/or services in their offer. SPHERE.IO comes with many security features, an excellent level of scalability, various payment options and effective control over cart and order management.

Magento Enterprise Edition

We’ll finish this short list with Magento Enterprise Edition and enterprise eCommerce solution revealed a couple of years ago. There are many things that people like about Magento, but the most important ones are the smooth checkout process it provides and the excellent SEO features. Thanks to the latter, you can rank your website high in the search engines. Of course, Magento Enterprise Edition comes with a long list of reporting and analytics tools that can help you improve your website’s performance. Keep in mind that it takes time to figure out how to get the most from this platform.

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