Scalable or Affordable Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions: How Do You

How do you know whether to invest in an affordable or
scalable enterprise ecommerce solution? How do you pick? Read and find out more!

Choosing an enterprise ecommerce solution is one of the biggest and most important decisions that any business and online retailer will make. The question is – how do you make the right decision – how do you know whether to invest in an ecommerce solution that is scalable or choose one that is economical?

With the ecommerce boom, we are seeing more scalable companies than ever. Having an opportunity to scale is a very important element for any business model. For some businesses, scaling can mean moving on to a new level or into a new market while for others scaling is about presenting new product lines, maximizing online sales or hiring new employees.
As long as the business can grow its customer base without incurring a large increase in overheads, moving forward can occur.
For lots of small businesses and online retailers, scalability is crucial as it will allow your business to expand, increasing the number of potential customers, and make more revenue. Without scaling and moving forward, a business can become obsolete, especially today, when the ecommerce world is highly competitive.

It doesn’t really matter if you are selling 50 or 50.000 products a month – an ecommerce store needs to have the exact same capabilities and options as a physical store, especially when it comes to customer service, inventory management, accounting, and ordering software. A great ecommerce solution will bring these factors together and integrate them into one effective package.

There are so many enterprise ecommerce solutions on the market and they all seem like right choices, however, before you decide to choose a platform, you need to keep in mind that migrating from one platform to another is a time-consuming process that will put your business operations on pause.
We would like to share with you 5 great platforms that offer unique features at various price ranges:

1. Magento

This is one of the most popular enterprise ecommerce solutions. The platform prides itself on being customizable, adaptable, and open-source. This platform has a great ability to scale.

2. Squarespace

One of the most popular CMS or content management systems. This platform can offer you different ecommerce versions and plans. It is integrated with Stripe which means you can set up your store and start selling within a few minutes.

3. WooCommerce

This platform allows businesses to build an online store if they already have a WordPress hosted website. A huge advantage of WooCommerce is its affordability – the software is free to download and use.

4. Weebly

This is another CMS platform. It comes with a secure checkout, inventory tracker, integrated shopping cart, and payment processing included. This platform is super easy to use and you have the option to upgrade your plan if you think your company has outgrown the original ecommerce plan.

5. BigCommerce

This is the perfect ecommerce solution for mid-sized businesses. It requires a minimal setup and one of the best things about this platform is that it is an all-in-one shopping cart solution. It offers great features such as payment gateways, SEO tools, marketing tools, and mobile optimization.

So, why should you focus on scalable enterprise ecommerce solutions?
Having the ability to scale is essential for any ecommerce business. In order for your company to develop, grow, and adapt, the website needs to have all the capabilities it needs to handle and control a higher volume in visitors, transactions, and sales. If you want to succeed, set up your store for it!



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